Solo Travelling Tips for Senior Citizens:

Many young travelers have noticed that there were people who are much older than their age group who travel along but with the desire and vitality of a child. Also, the old solo travelers have well with a vitality that is indeed envious, each one will carry their own travel backpack, they will also greet and smile at you. But here the question arises in mind: How do they plan their trips? What do they look for? What are their needs? Here are the tips you should take into the account before and during a solo trip for adultery.

• Plan your trip through a travel agency that organizes the entire itinerary (hotels, lunches, recreations). Order all necessary documentation, updated passport, identity documents, travel insurance.

• Choose a destination with the right infrastructures for you, roads, routes, and thus avoid unnecessary accidents. Choose the appropriate means of transport. Find out the security systems of each medium to use.

• If you are going by train: Try to reserve your seat, avoid walking through all the wagons of the train why you can become unstable by movement, try to sit on the side in the direction that the train is going and not vice versa you can suffer too of dizziness.

• If you are going by plane: Find out if they have medical assistance, or if you need assistance such as wheelchairs to be transferred. Arrive with time to avoid stress.

• If you are going by boat: It depends if you are going on a cruise, make sure you have a medical service, if you are in a small boat, be careful why you may suffer from dizziness.

• If you have any medical treatment or suffer from any disease, and travel abroad or a country that does not speak your language, always carry your medical history or the pills you use in translation.

• Carry the necessary amount of your medications, also make a list of necessary medications for your trip so avoid buying pills elsewhere, some countries do not sell loose pills, but sell the entire box. Normally you should bring, for stomach pain, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, altitude sickness, or etc.

• Before traveling makes sure the exchange rate of the chosen destination, contact your bank if you have an agreement with other banks to withdraw your money without any additional charge.

In this way, if you will take these tips into consideration, your travel will be safer and enjoyable!